Vulnerability of the Unexpected: A Different Perspective


Summer used to be a time for looking at the stars sitting by the camp fire, frolicking in the sun, and lazy afternoons. Now, it seems this season is filled with camps from sports to music to anything, but playtime under the sun.

This year, our family decided to forego t-ball, swimming” lessons, and the sports camps. This summer we are traveling by planes, trains, automobiles, on foot, and maybe a bike or two to Texas, Illinois, Washington D.C., Spain, and France. We wanted a very different experience, for our family, for ourselves as adults, and more importantly, our children. We want to create experiences that are different, unique, and inspiring. We want that special something that resonates with their hearts, develops empathy, and allows them to see the world differently than ever before.

From an educators perspective, I am attempting to forget the traditional methods and teaching frameworks I utilize successfully. This will be a great feat. Beginning with the first few weeks of immersing myself with my own children’s learning experiences, the eyes of my 7 year old children will guide me along a very different path. I simply need to intently watch, listen, and allow them to lead me. Neale Donald Walsch wrote in his most recent book, “Being a leader is simply going first.” In allowing them to lead me, great, new moments will inspire me to be enlightened as a teacher, parent, and person. Here’s to vulnerability of the unknown.

Jill Lewis

Brilliance & Beyond, LLC is an educational training development boutique specializing at the elementary level. Brilliance & Beyond, LLC provides depth, rigor and explicit ways for teachers to enhance their craft in the 21st century allowing students to achieve at their highest cognitive levels.

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