Brilliance & Beyond, LLC is an educational staff development boutique. Here we tailor every engagement to meet your needs based on your objectives, our conversations, and a vision for sustainability. At Brilliance & Beyond, LLC, we engage teachers and administrators in thought-provoking reflection of teaching and learning, promote classroom learning environments of high expectations, and support the steps it takes to elevate students’ achievement every step of the way. With our guidance, educators enhance their teaching craft with depth, rigor and explicit strategies applied directly in the classroom environment.

Brilliance & Beyond, LLC acts on three core values of learning, excellence, and creativity.


Life-long learning allows for continuous adaptation in our ever changing world. Brilliance & Beyond, LLC is inspired to continually seek learning and growth, both professionally and personally.


Brilliance & Beyond, LLC interacts with integrity by delivering the highest of quality in all that we do.


Brilliance & Beyond, LLC responds and adjusts to the needs of clients by meeting them where they are and challenging its members to use new and exciting researched-based strategies.

Take a few moments to see how Brilliance & Beyond, LLC can tailor your staff development to fit your needs.

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