Caffeine in the Classroom

Caffeine for kids, NO WAY…I don’t want my classroom to be bouncing off the walls. Wrong. Teacher, author, and presenter, Michael Matera, vlogs how he sends jolts of excitement, conversation, and movement into his daily instruction unlocking student’s natural caffeine of engagement.  


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Technology into the Classroom

Technology in the classroom isn’t just about using it, but using technology as a tool to help your students master skills and strategies. Dr. Howard Pitler, author, Things that Make Me Think blogger, and speaker, shares 7 classroom tips in how to incorporate technology in your classroom.  



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Seven Tips for Integrating Technology into the Classroom 

Technology is not a substitute for quality instruction

by Howard Pitler, Ed.D.

Technology is a great tool to add to your teacher toolbox. There are an abundance of amazing resources available to both educators and students. If you are just beginning to integrate technology into your teaching here are a few tips to consider.

Tip 1 – First and foremost, a quality teacher begins by selecting the most appropriate instructional strategies for the lesson being taught and the specific group of kids in the class. Just as “one size fits all” really doesn’t fit everyone, a good instructional strategy will work well for some students, but not for all. Combining quality instructional strategies with appropriate technology that enhance instruction is the key. Technology will not replace a good teacher, but a good teacher who uses technology to enhance her instruction will replace one who doesn’t.

Tip 2 – Avoid Google searching, especially for younger students! Asking students to Google something without pre-planning is a likely recipe for trouble. Want proof, just Google Martin Luther King. In the results window, one of the links is Go there at your own peril. At the elementary level consider At the secondary, level look at Better yet, go to Google SafeSearch settings and turn on safe search. Better yet, preload sites you want your students to have easy access into a classroom Diigo site and even categorize them by themes or chapters correlated to the text.


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