11 Attributes and Qualities for Success

My passion is education in all forms. You will find me in various places as a volunteer in my children’s classroom, teaching a STEM section of Camp Invention during the summer, and as President of  CO ASCD, the official Colorado non-profit affiliate of ASCD.

Last February, CO ASCD was nominated for the Yidan Prize of $3.5 million for our project, Framework 2021: A P-20 Vision for Leading and Learning. This project is an amazing tool designed to assist teachers in engaging students in real world applications of the state’s benchmarks for knowledge and skills, including applications that accommodate culturally diverse contexts. Even though we were not chosen for the prize, I was invited to attend the Yidan Awards Ceremony and Summit, a 2 day event in Hong Kong, China.

There, I met incredible people that know education must be redefined and prioritized to ensure that learners receive the benchmark skills of tomorrow.

In conversation with President of Tencent Holdings, Martin Lau and Peter Lewis, Mr. Lau stated a good leader and employee must have these eleven attributes and qualities that will lead to their success.

  1. Attitude & Character
  2. Motivation
  3. Passion
  4. Be a self-learner
  5. Not be afraid of failure
  6. Go deep into problem solving
  7. Have a mindset for growth
  8. Be a team player
  9. Be a good communicator
  10. Be well-versed in technology
  11. Be willing to go the extra mile (to serve the customer)

As you reflect on the eleven, I ask you if one is more important than the others.  Leave a comment, and let me know what you think.

Teaching is hard.

It takes numerous clock hours to hone the art and science of teaching, not to mention application and reflection on a consistent basis. Dr. Howard Pitler,  author, Things that Make Me Think blogger, and speaker, says, “Great teaching has long been seen as an innate skill. But reformers are showing that the best teachers are made, not born.”

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