Jill Lewis
Jill Unzicker Lewis, Your consultant at Brilliance & Beyond, LLC

Jill Lewis is a passionate educator with classroom and coaching experience in Pre-K through college levels. During her tenure, she served as an instructional literacy coach while honing her craft in the classroom. Jill observed teachers, presented feedback to colleagues, and held independent dialogue sessions supporting them in implementing best instructional practices. Lewis was an integral member of the school leadership team that propelled the school forward in school climate initiatives, professional development, and parental learning opportunities. She also facilitated multiple team meetings developing processes for compiling, using, and reporting data for the successfulness of students. Jill is Nationally Board Certified in Reading/Language Arts for the Early and Middle Grades.

Jill began her work in higher education at Adams State University in the extended studies program. There she taught classes for second-career teaching candidates providing the necessary skills to be successful. Working as a publishing company consultant, she was lead in the areas of literacy, math, standards, and assessment.

Seven years ago, Jill’s entrepreneurial skills were developed as she opened her own consulting business, Brilliance & Beyond, LLC. As a consultant for schools and districts throughout the country in all areas of curriculum and assessment, she regularly presents at conferences throughout the nation on best instructional strategies, strategic development, teacher leadership, and continues to offer support in refining processes within the educational system.  Furthermore, Jill develops curriculum and delivers online instruction for Adams State University. Lewis is an ASCD faculty member, who works with schools in numerous areas.

Jill is the author of four published study guides: 101 Questions & Answers about Standards, Assessment and Accountability Study Guide, 101 More Questions & Answers about Standards, Assessment and Accountability Study Guide,  Unwrapping the Standards Study Guide, and Reason to Write: Help Your Child Succeed in School and in Life through Better Reasoning and Clear Communication Study Guide. In addition, she authored the children’s book, Eli & the Naughty Guys, available on Kindle.

Lewis received her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education with a minor in history from the University of Central Arkansas, and her master’s degree in Administration and Supervision from the University of Phoenix. Jill is the president of CO ASCD, the oldest educational group in Colorado.




Jill and her family live in the beautiful, mountain town of Salida, Colorado, a small town of 5300 people. Approximately five years ago, Jill and her husband made the decision to move to this hidden gem surrounded by 14,000 foot peaks, water sports on the Arkansas River, and snow skiing only eighteen miles away. Here, their children are raised in a community where education is highly valued, where they enjoy and quickly access the bountiful nature of every season, and where time seems to slow to a crawl for a few hours each day.

Jill has a voracious appetite for life and learning. She consumes as much knowledge as she can constantly helping people connect to others or to information they need. She loves the outdoors, from the starry nights by the fireside to the thrill of skiing down the slopes of the mountain. Jill is also a cabi independent stylist changing the way women shop and work worldwide, and volunteers her time and talents in a variety of capacities. Other interests include DIY house projects, reading the latest book club book, and watching a really good movie. Her greatest joy is experiencing every aspect of raising her children.

Jill’s eight year olds, Addison and Elijah, keep her hopping with their activities.  Like most mothers, she is their transportation to soccer, dance, Boy Scouts, piano, and many other activities. She is the motivator and homework helper and craft idea generator and gatherer. She is the one who lays down at night with them to hear all of the wonderful tidbits of struggles, questions, and joys of the day. Being Addison and Elijah’s mom is her greatest love.

As a family, their passion for reading is evident shown by all the books in every room. Together, they have read the Iliad and the Odyssey children’s series, The Wizard of Oz, many Magic Treehouse books, and the favorites by Roald Dahl. Captain Underpants and Pippi Longstocking have not escaped the nightly bedtime routine of adventure either. Currently, the series of choice is the Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events, book 11 of 13, with the Harry Potter Series on deck – once we find out if Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire escape Count Olaf’s greed once and for all.  

Jill relishes the time spent with family and friends and giving back to the community in which she lives. She is a devoted educator affecting the world around her for the better.

The Lewis Family Salida, CO
The Lewis Family Salida, CO