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Today, technology, ease of transportation, and opportunity have made a vast difference in how the world works on a global scale. Because of these inventions and tools, the effects on the world, companies, and classrooms create the need for understanding different cultures, different ways students learn, and and different generational viewpoints. As an educator, I must develop my personal global competency in order to effectively teach and deliver professional development that is culturally responsive. As I continue to develop this acumen, more opportunities to have a greater global impact in education continues to present itself. These experiences are the cornerstones of my development as a professional, and I am honored and humbled to affect education on such a large scale.





*Colorado  – I am honored to serve the Colorado PK-20 education community as Colorado’s ASCD President since 2013. CO ASCD, the official state affiliate of ASCD,  is a non-profit organization that promotes excellence through professional growth, voice, and innovation for Colorado educators, and advocacy and success for each learner. Working with an incredible team of educators, CO ASCD has grown from fifty members to over 2500 members in one year.


CO ASCD’s latest project, Framework 2021: A P-20 Vision for Learning, is answering the call of how to better instruct to fully engage students in their learning. Better instruction and leadership directly correlates to students being better prepared for the world in which they will work and contribute. This project, Framework 2021: A P-20 Vision for Learning, is based on two basic beliefs:

  • Teacher leadership is critical to the success of efforts to improve instruction and student learning.
  • Student long-term learning outcomes are enhanced when teachers across the levels of the education system have a shared understanding of instructional practices that engage, challenge, and support students and use those practices effectively.

Using a grassroots model of development, teachers have convened and created the first section of Inquiry-Based Learning. CO ASCD continues to update the Framework as it is developed. We also continue to solicit feedback in order to build a process, a rich tool for teachers in Colorado, the rest of the United States, and globally.

Click here to view Framework 2021: A P-20 Vision for Learning.

Ronn Nozoe and Jill Receiving Advocacy Award
Ronn Nozoe and Jill Receiving Advocacy Award














*KYREADS, Kentucky – Invited to attend the Long Beach Teach to Lead Summit as a Critical Friend, I had the opportunity to work with a team from Kentucky developing an idea around the topic of dyslexia.  My role as a critical friend was to be a third party advisor and partner to a group by providing insight during the development of their idea, asking the hard questions, and challenging the group’s mindset. KYREADS, KY Ready to Advocate for All Students with Dyslexia, was born.


KYREADS now is a statewide movement to disseminate awareness of dyslexia using stories, research, and evidenced based resources to inform Kentucky educators. Their project was one of three Teach 2 Lead groups chosen for a Leadership Lab supported by the United States Department of Education, ASCD, and the Teach 2 Lead organization. KYREADS continues to develop awareness by writing legislation for Dyslexia in Kentucky, supporting parents and students with specific learning strategies, and continuous advocacy for students with Dyslexia.  

Click here to view the KYREADS website.













*Kenya, Africa – Joseph Mawaur, Director of Gateway Partners Organization involved in literacy programs and curriculum development in Kenya, connected with me to develop curriculum that supports teachers in transitioning from the knowledge of pedagogy to strategies implemented in the classroom.  Using Skype, the beginning focus of our work framed how teachers build relationships with students, the cornerstone of excellent teaching.









*Barcelona, Spain – In April 2017, Mindvalley University in Barcelona announced its beta-project in developing a new, cutting-edge university. Courses were given by the best in the field consisting of entrepreneurship, communication, business, marketing, higher order thinking, even personal development. Being 1 of 400 accepted, I was able to experience how people develop, apply new learnings on a personal and professional level while assimilating into a new culture, communicating without knowing the language, networking with people of all ages and from all over the world, while forming new partnerships that advance education on a pre-k through university level and beyond.


Not only did I attend as a student, I taught students ranging in ages from 5-17 through the Xtraordinary  Education Xperience. Over 45 students from all over the world attended the Xperience. Seven of those children began their own companies, while volunteers offered to mentor them in order to be successful.

While in Barcelona, Spain, I joined the international Lead Team to create the subsequent Xtraordinary Education Xperience for Tallinn, Estonia and subsequent years.




Hawally, Kuwait – As part of the Association for Supervision, Curriculum, and Development, ASCD Faculty, the Association for Supervision, Curriculum, and Development, I was hired to plan, prepare, and deliver professional development to the American Creative Academy staff of 400. During the two days at ACA, I observed and met with teachers and presented foundational knowledge and understanding of data-driven instruction through a keynote and large group workshop methods.








China – Story about our work in China coming soon. 








*Please note: the impact experiences with an asterisk are volunteer positions.