Strategic Coaching & Mentoring

Our strategic coaching & mentoring services is for individual professionals who want to grow and develop their educational acumen. Based upon individual and organizational needs and coupled with data, we use a systemic process of questioning, thinking, and reconstructing thinking and behaviors in order to harness instructional improvement over time.


*A minimum of 3 sessions must be scheduled for our Strategic Coaching & Mentoring services.  Sessions begin at $1700.00 USD.  Example: Three (3) sessions at $1700 equals a total of $5100.00 for our basic Strategic Coaching & Mentoring package, this is our minimum Strategic Coaching & Mentoring service option.


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Jill Lewis

Brilliance & Beyond, LLC is an educational training development boutique specializing at the elementary level. Brilliance & Beyond, LLC provides depth, rigor and explicit ways for teachers to enhance their craft in the 21st century allowing students to achieve at their highest cognitive levels.