Thank you for joining me along the path that takes us on a great journey of daily learning, reflecting, and instruction. I am inspired by the many educators who work with students day in and day out knowing that what they do make a difference in the lives of so many.

During my teenage years, I had a great opportunity to teach two women in their eighties how to swim. Neither woman had ever learned how to swim, and I needed to begin with the basics of hanging on to the edge of the gutter just to feel the buoyancy of their bodies in the water. Both had a bit of fear, but their desire to learn outweighed any frights. These two women were the epitome of learning. Education is a gift we give ourselves that endures a lifetime.

With many experiences throughout my lifetime such as the one shared above and a hunger for knowledge, my journey has always been about teaching and learning. My fifteen years as an educator and this appetite for learning led me through a wonderful variety of experiences including classroom and university teaching, instructional coaching, writing, corporate consultancy, and starting my own business.

Now as owner and consultant of Brilliance & Beyond, LLC, I see that all the roads I’ve travelled led me to sharing the wealth of knowledge I have learned in combination to the knowledge of many others. It is time to engage your genius.

I am honored you are here and would consider it a privilege to take the conversation to the next level. Your success and your students’ successes are important to me.
Thank you for visiting! Let’s consider what’s possible!

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